Jenna Jardine is an  Illustrator, Artist and Maker. Graduating from a degree in Fashion in 2006, from Johannesburg’s London International School Of Fashion. Relocating to London came hand in hand with a realisation that her fascination with drawing for fashion was in fact the driving force of her creativity and lead to her developing a career as an illustrator. Amongst many other commissions, she worked for Peasoup Magazine creating satirical illustrations. A large-scale heat reactive mural commissioned by Haringey Arts sparked further reinvention of Jenna’s practise to involve a playful exploration of materials, shape and form. Her study of clothing design has lead to a thorough understanding of construction and proportion that can clearly be seen in her fluent and proficiently made objects, installations and adornments, Her latest work includes commissions by Provell Ltd, InHouse film Festival and The Theatre Merchants and collaborations as a co-founder of collective, MonkeyJar Studio. She also works in event design creating bespoke installations and dressing for parties and sets.